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Below I have typed the letter from my health care insurance company exactly, leaving out personal information about myself.  At the bottom of the letter there is a link to the scanned image of the actual letter.

When I received this letter after coming home from the hospital, where I had just lost my daughter I was understandably very upset.  I shudder at the thought of someone from my insurance company calling and discussing my treatment with my physician.  They are an insurance company, period.  I don't think they should have the right to discuss my treatment with my physicians, the only thing they are supposed to do is pay the portion of the bill that is covered by my plan.  I really like the way they included in the letter, "You and your doctor have the final say in your treatment plan."  Then why are they calling my doctor?  What if I wasn't lucky enough to have a doctor that was looking out for me and my best interests and the insurance company told my doctor not to do a needed treatment or to cut corners on my treatment or get me out of the hospital sooner than I should have been discharged?

I also would like to know why a nurse would be calling me to see how my husband is feeling, because the letter was addressed to him about me.  How do they think I was feeling?  I had just lost my daughter that I had been hoping to conceive for over 8 years.  Again my actual health care was provided by my doctor and my hospital.  I did not need the insurance company to have someone call me.  Thank goodness no one called.

United Healthcare Care Coord                       
AZ060-N102                                                                                         UNITEDhealthcare
3141 N Third Ave. Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ  85013
Matthew Seddens                                                                       Patient     :  Kelly Seddens
Employee:  Matthew Seddens                                                    Ref Num :
Address                                                                                      Record# :
ID#         :
Tucson, AZ
Group #  :
Dear Matthew Seddens
On 2003-04-25, we were told about the hospital stay for the patient named above.
While the patient is in the hospital we may contact the treating doctor.  We would discuss the treatment plan and/or help arrange plans for discharge.  You and your doctor have the final say in your treatment plan.
Once you go home from the hospital a nurse may call to see how you are feeling and answer any questions you have.
For eligibility or benefit coverage information, please call the toll-free number on your ID card.  Payment is based on the terms of your group benefit plan.
If you have questions about this letter, please call us at 800 537-2977.
Tione Bishaw
Notification Coordinator
April 25, 2003
cc:  (The first doctor I saw that was not in town during my surgery
      Carondelet St Joseph's Hospital)


  The actual letter image.


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