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Little One



by Annemarie 

When I found out about you,
the world seemed to be a better place
Joy, love, happiness, confidence, hope,
Looking forward to the things to come,
Full of it, of the miracle.

Elated by it, in seventh heaven,
A wish come true
At last.
I dreamt of you for such a long time.

You were on my mind, I wanted to share it
With the people close to me.
Told them as soon as I could -
Joy, love, happiness, confidence, hope.

The unexpected, the fear, the hope
Over, ended before it could start.
Hurt, pain, tears, uncertainty,
The operation, the end.

No more plans, no future for you.
Cry and be comforted.
The immense pain.
Waiting for the time to take the edge off it.

Carefully looking out for the future -
The sun slowly outshines the shadow.
Hope for a future, which you still will be a part of -

New joy,
New love,
New happiness,
New confidence,
New hope.

About The Poem

This is a poem about my first pregnancy. Sadly the pregnancy was outside my uterus and the gynecologist had to end it January 1998. After some time I decided to write about it and share my loss and my hope for the future with other people.

Annemarie has graciously given her permission to use her poem on the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation website.  Her wish is to help others deal with their grief.

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